About Collective Power Fund

An initiative of Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum (NWFF), Collective Power Fund is a part of the Regional Regranting Program by the Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, which consists of 30 satellite venues and partners across the country presenting hyper-local artist funding.

Collective Power Fund focuses primarily on supporting work that incites public dialogue, pushes boundaries, explores genre fluidity, speaks its truth through an authentic perspective, and is often non-traditional, anti-institutional, socially responsible, or disruptive of existing structures and conventions. It encourages a community-forward environment of resource-sharing, mutual support, and fellowship in the Pacific Northwest arts ecosystem.

Our first round in late 2020 provided $70,000 in COVID-19 relief funding to 140 artists. This Artist Development Grant is our second round, which will help inform the design of a larger grant in late 2021, and will disburse $60,000 to artists in incorporated and unincorporated King County.


We paid 12 King County artists of varying disciplines, ages, backgrounds, and experience with applying to grants to participate in a 90-min focus group (85% QTBIPOC) to collectively dream about what “Collective Power” means to them and how the Northwest Film Forum can deliver a new grantmaking program that increases non-monetary benefits and decreases barriers.

Below is a list of quotes and takeaways from the group that we will use ~ in tandem with a new round of focus group feedback and 1×1 community consultants ~ to inform our Spring and Summer 2021 Collective Power Fund grants.

Collective Power equitably opens and levels the gates for artists who have historically lacked access to awards, development, and recognition to intentionally give them the tools and support they need to level up. Collective Power is built through relationships and sustained through strong community-based ecosystems to help each other thrive.


Community-building & Collaborative Magic
0% Gatekeeping & Text-worshipping Applications Liberating the Process
Less Barriers/Restrictions/BS
Equity-informed Panelists & Selection Processes Connecting, Connecting, Connecting
Transparent Practices & Trusting Artists Increased Accessibility & Accountability
Values & Vision-based Grants
Encouraging Feedback Before & After Grants
Peer-to-Peer Learning & Critique Groups 0pportunities to Serve on & Observe Grant Panels Welcoming Artists as their Whole Selves Eliminating the Euro-centric Gaze
Relationships & Resource-sharing

Northwest Film Forum



Northwest Film Forum incites public dialogue and creative action through collective cinematic experiences.

A nonprofit film and arts center located in Seattle, Northwest Film Forum presents hundreds of films, festivals, community events, multidisciplinary performances, and public discussions each year. A comprehensive visual media organization, the Forum offers educational workshops and artist services for film and media makers at all stages of their development. Artist services include access to space, gear, fiscal sponsorship, and an edit lab. Northwest Film Forum is a member-based organization.


Northwest Film Forum incites public dialogue and creative action through collective cinematic experiences.



Cohort from Northwest Film Forum’s Filmmaking Fundamentals program.

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El Foro de Cine del Noroeste (Northwest Film Forum [NWFF]) incita al diálogo público y la acción creativa a través de experiencias cinematográficas colectivas.

Un centro de cine y artes sin fines de lucro ubicado en Seattle El Foro de Cine del Noroeste (Northwest Film Forum [NWFF]) presenta cientos de películas, festivales, eventos comunitarios, presentaciones multidisciplinarias y debates públicos cada año. Una organización integral de medios visuales, el Foro ofrece talleres educativos y servicios para artistas para cineastas y medios en todas las etapas de su desarrollo. Los servicios para artistas incluyen acceso al espacio, equipo, patrocinio fiscal y un laboratorio de edición. El Foro de Cine del Noroeste (Northwest Film Forum [NWFF]) es una organización basada en sus miembros.


Un mundo donde todas las personas tienen el poder de expresarse y conectarse entre sí a través de la narración visual y la cultura.


Northwest Film Forum通过集体电影体验来鼓动公共对话、创造行动力。

Northwest Film Forum是一个位于西雅图的非盈利电影艺术中心,每年放映上百部电影、参与电影节展映,还主持各种社区活动、跨领域表演和公共交流。作为一个综合视觉媒体机构,论坛还为老少电影媒体创作者组织研习班,提供艺术家服务。艺术家服务包括场地、器材、剪辑室的租用,还有借用论坛非盈利机构财政身份和经营手段的机会。Northwest Film Forum还有会员制。